Consumer Testimonials

Our Consumer Bill of Right states that “we treat our Consumers with dignity.” Above are some recent consumer testimonials that prove exactly that!

Our Account Managers truly help people to find Better Solutions to a Better Life. Unscripted and unedited ‘Consumer Satisfaction’ — as measured by an independent 3rd party, Big Ears.

Check back here for regularly updated testimonials. In the meantime, here’s some of our previous Midland consumer feedback:

“I asked the representative one question and it was answered within one minute. All resolutions were presented to me in a professional and quick manner.”
— E. D., December 6, 2017 (GA)

“The representative was caring and professional and very understanding of my circumstances. She made me feel at ease and helped me get my issue resolved.”
— C. P., November 8, 2017 (WA)

“The representatives were professional – I’m very happy how they spoke to me. I know it’s a debt … but sometimes you get calls from debt collectors who can be very rude.”
— D. R., October 5, 2017 (NY)

“The representative told me up front that she believed my story about the fraudulent activity that’s been happening on my credit report, and that she was more than willing to remedy the situation as best she could.”
— J. T., October 3, 2017 (NY)

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