January 13, 2022

Cabot Financial France Helps Connect Unemployed Residents with Customer Relationship Skills

In Lyon, France, the location of Cabot Credit Management’s largest French operation, our colleagues are working to make a lasting, positive impact on our community while fostering a diverse and inclusive workforce.

Because unemployment is high in the region, many young residents are searching for job skills. Recognizing that customer relationship skills can translate across companies and industries, Cabot Financial France partnered with a local employment agency to help train unemployed participants with skills often needed to positively impact their lives.

“By participating in Customer Relationship Management (CRM) training, participants can earn a certificate to help them find a new job. They also have an opportunity for permanent employment with Cabot,” said César Paiva, Commercial Leader, Cabot Financial France. “It’s a win-win situation; we hire qualified staff, and at the same time we play a valuable role in the community.”  Paiva said Cabot typically trains sessions of at least 15 people at a time.

In their initial two-month training, participants learn the skills needed to work in a call center and interact with customers. Next, they are offered a three-week working period with Cabot, after which they are either offered a permanent position or have the opportunity to use their certificate and experience to find new work.

“At the end of the first training session, about 70% are offered a trial period. That 70% go through an interview with us, and at the end of the trial period, about 50% are offered a permanent job,” Paiva said. “We’re a significant employer in the region, so once these trainees have their three months of paid experience with us, it’s a very valuable thing for them to have on their CV. The certification they earn is not specific to Cabot.”

For Gaëtan, a full-time Cabot employee who worked his way through the CRM training in 2020, the program helped him professionally and personally.

“Listening, empathy and leadership were the three key points for me during this training. The program includes direct listening sessions with managers already in place. Knowing how to adapt to a customer’s needs is key to moving forward with solutions.”

Gaëtan, Cabot Financial France Employee

Gaëtan said he previously worked for 15 years in the restaurant business until he found this opportunity for a change with free job training paid for by the government.

“The teachers listened and were motivated, and they had a team with a friendly spirit and warm atmosphere,” he said. “The team is young, enthusiastic and friendly, and it was a real pleasure to share these moments with them.”

He added that helping consumers work toward financial recovery has been rewarding.

“The thing that stimulates me most at work is succeeding with customers,” he said. “I enjoy when I can help someone who has been dealing with debt for a long time manage to find a solution. I’m also improving my speech, and I know now how to respond to customers and help gently guide our conversations toward a solution.”

The Cabot Financial France team has plans to extend this initiative to their Marseilles operation due to the success of this program to date.