Encore Capital Group and its subsidiaries (collectively, the “Company”) is a leader in the consumer debt buying and recovery industry.  From our inception through year-end 2011, we invested approximately $1.8 billion to acquire 33 million consumer accounts with a face value of approximately $54.7 billion.  Our purchasing success is grounded in the strong relationships we enjoy with many of the United States’ most successful and sophisticated financial institutions.  That said, we are constantly looking for new partners and new ways to unlock the latent value in consumer receivable accounts.  The effective portfolio solutions enjoyed by our affiliate network stems from the unique talents of Encore’s Business Development team:

  • Sophisticated Employees

Our Business Development team is comprised of talented individuals with diverse backgrounds.  The team leverages its experience and knowledge to build enduring partnerships and creative opportunities that both maximize value and meet the complex needs of our affiliates.

  • Scientific Methods

Our Decision Science team is focused on understanding, measuring, and predicting consumer behavior.  The group is multidisciplinary and uses both empirical and statistical modeling techniques to answer questions about payer behavior and asset valuation.

  • Best-in-Class Post-Purchase Support

Our team is recognized as an operational leader in the areas of post-transaction and document support, and is focused on data security and a deep respect for our consumers’ rights and privacy.  By collaborating closely with portfolio sellers, we aggressively seek out ways to enhance our approach and methods.

  • Powerful Partnerships

We partner with leading U.S. financial institutions and proactively share information about legislation, regulation, and the evolving consumer finance landscape.  We are a trusted thought partner and work hard to ensure that we are building relationships focused on open and productive dialogue.

We are always looking for opportunities to identify and augment the value in consumer asset portfolios.  If you are interested in creating new financial options for your firm, contact our Business Development team and allow us to demonstrate our expertise.