Who is Midland Credit Management?

midland-credit-managementIf you are one of our consumers, you probably know us as Midland Credit Management (or MCM). Midland Credit Management is an Encore Capital Group subsidiary and our goal is to work directly with customers so that they can settle their obligations after the originating creditors have charged off the accounts. Often the original creditor was a bank, credit union, or utility company. Once an obligation is successfully resolved, we report this information to the credit bureaus.

We have a long history of integrity and fair dealing and have over 1,000 knowledgeable, professional, and friendly account managers ready to offer you a wide range of payment arrangements.

Moreover, we have created the industry’s first Consumer Bill of Rights (click to download a copy) . This document details our commitment to conduct business ethically and in ways that support our consumers’ financial recovery.

You can resolve your outstanding debts and we’re ready to help.

Have you heard from MCM?

If you have received a letter or phone call from us, seen our name on your credit report, or received a letter or phone call from a law firm or collection agency acting on our behalf, it means that your obligation (credit card, auto loan, consumer loan, home or cell phone bill, student loan) to a lender is now your obligation to Midland, as a result of our agreement with that lender. Please give us a call or log into our site to create a repayment arrangement or discuss the status of your account.

Please understand that Midland Credit Management is a debt collector. Midland Credit Management’s communications with consumers are an attempt to collect a debt. Any information we obtain will be used for that purpose.